Are you teaching openEHR? Make sure you get recognised!

The openEHR ERP: “Strive to be worthy of recognition!”

The full quotation, by Abraham Lincoln, reads ‘Don’t worry when you are not recognised, but strive to be worthy of recognition.’ – a fitting call to action for our openEHR Educator Recognition Program.

The ERP offers assessment of the quality of openEHR training provided by individuals. 

The assessment aims to ensure that openEHR training being offered is of a high quality standard and helps those seeking openEHR training to know that individuals are qualified professionals in openEHR. 

Educator recognition is available to openEHR professional members and individuals employed by an openEHR Partner. The process involves a point-based assessment, for which there’s a €200 fee and if you meet the requirements, your name will feature the ‘openEHR Recognised Educator’ logo on our website.  If you don’t quite make the grade the first time around – you can always reapply for no additional fee within a year. 

You can find out more and apply here.

David Moner, Chief Operating Officer at Veratech for Health said, “It is a great honour to be part of the first group of openEHR Recognised Educators. After 15 years teaching openEHR, archetypes, and the importance of clinical modelling to many early adopters, the market is now demanding well-trained professionals in openEHR. 

Providing quality education is an essential step towards this objective. This recognition means that we can now level the education provided to all the people interested in understanding and using the openEHR specifications and tools.
The openEHR Education Program Board will continue working to support the existence of a professional career in openEHR, by providing a professional certification in the near future.






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