The openEHR Educator Recognition Program

The Educator Recognition Program welcomes first four trainers

They are:

  • Heather Grain, Director of Course Development at eHealth Education, Melbourne
  • David Moner, COO of Veratech for Health
  • Hanna Pohjonen, CEO of Rosaldo
  • and Luis Marco, Senior Research Fellow at the Norwegian Centre for eHealth Research 

Providing quality education is an essential step towards this objective. This recognition means that we can now level the education provided to all the people interested in understanding and using the openEHR specifications and tools.

The openEHR Education Program Board will continue working to support the existence of a professional career in openEHR, by providing a professional certification in the near future.

Both Heather Grain and Hanna Pohjonen respectively made reference to the significance of the accreditation:

This recognises a combination of skills and experience in both openEHR and education.

It is about credibility and trust… it is important that openEHR education is delivered in an understandable way – suitable for different roles and competencies.

And Luis Marco focused on the importance of the accreditation for the students:

It is a guarantee that openEHR educators have undergone a quality assurance process so students receive the best training.’

Individuals who successfully complete assessment will be listed under openEHR professional members and the ‘openEHR Recognised Educator’ logo will be displayed. 

This will assist those looking for openEHR training to identify people may have more experience and offer higher quality training.





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